Jacek Tylicki Biography

Jacek Tylicki

Born: 1951 Sopot, Poland
Lives in New York and Sopot, Poland

1971-72 Art Academy of Gdansk, Poland (free listener)
1974-76 Art History. University of Lund , Sweden
1976-78 Philosophy. University of Lund, Sweden


FACES of ART, Pinakoteka Garnizon Gallery, Gdansk

Art The Arms Fair, London

Bunkier Sztuki, (Art Gallery and Museum of Contemporary Art Bunker), Krakow, Poland

LAM 360 - Land Art Mongolia Biennial


"Give if you can - Take if you have to"  Stone sculpture installation commissioned by city of Calicut (Kozhikode), Kerala, India.

2014 Philips Auction House, London

Bonhams Auction House, London

2013 MOCAK - Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow, Poland

2012 Dublin Biennial, Ireland

Zacheta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw, Poland

Brooklyn Art Library "Natural art Book"

2011 Land Art Festiwal, Torun, Poland (welcome to my park in your park)

2002 SFINKS, Sopot Poland

1995 U Gallery, New York, USA (solo show)

1994 Akademie Der Kunste, Berlin, Germany

1993 Foundation SFINKS, Sopot Poland

1988 Limelight, New York, USA

1987 Now Gallery" Free Art" New York, USA (solo show)

Binghamton University Gallery, NY State, USA

1986 Fashion Moda Gallery " Attack" New York, USA (solo show)
Fusion Gallery,   York, USA
Artifacts Gallery, Miami, USA
No-Se-No Gallery, New York, USA
Sculpture Garden, New York, USA

1985 Now Gallery " Chicken Art" New York, USA (solo show)
8BC Gallery, New York, USA
Nite Gallery, New York, USA

1984 Now Gallery, New York, USA
Avenue B Gallery, New York, USA

1982 Club 57, New York, USA (solo show)
ARTEDER International, Bilbao, Spain

1981 New Avantgarde, BWA, Sopot, Poland

1980 Galerie Kanal 2, Copenhagen, Denmark (solo show)
Galeria BWA, Sopot, Poland
(solo show)
Experimental Environment II, Living Art Museum, Iceland
Galerie Sudurgata 7, Reykjavik, Iceland
(solo show)

1979 Gallery 38, Copenhagen, Denmark (solo show)
Galeria Sien Gdanska, Gdansk, Poland
(solo show)
Galerie S:t Petri, Lund, Sweden
(solo show)
Galeria Akumulatory 2, Poznan, Poland
(solo show)
Galerie Sudurgata 7, Reykjavik, Iceland
(solo show)
EXEN, Copenhagen, Denmark
Nordic Experimental Art Festival, Iceland

1977 Galerie Brass, Malmo, Sweden

1976 Gallerie Porten, Lund, Sweden (solo show)
BTJ Gallery, Lund, Sweden
(solo show)
Galeriet, Lund, Sweden


1970-71 Member of Humbug Theater, Gdansk, Poland. I-st prize at Olsztyn Festival of Avantgarde Theatre 1971


1979 " Natural Art" 18 min, s8
1979 "Self filming lamb, 6 min, s8
1979 "The black night" 3 min, s8
1980 " Embrace" 5 min, 16 mm
1987 " Four Idiots" 12 min vid
1988 " Wife beating" 16 min, vid
1992 " Pressure" 11 min, vid
1993 " Robinson" 100 min, vid
1996 "Sidhartha" 14 min, vid


1979 " Living in the tree" Living for 10 days on a chestnut tree. 18 - 28 July 1979. Sounds from the tree transmitted by a local radio.   Lund, Sweden
1979 "365 days" Photographs of the same tree every day for one year. Jan 1 - Dec 31, 1979. Lund, Sweden
1980 "Natural " Pont Neuf, Paris
1980 "Natural 2" Trocadero, Paris
1980 " Race" (between man and car) Museum of Modern Art, Paris
1980 " Natural Clock" Top of Esja Mountain, Iceland
1980 "Reconstruction Attempt" Korpfulstaddir Quarry, Iceland
1981 "Monkey lessons" Art as experience, Benares, India
1982 - 1989 Art Attacks. "Make War in Art not in Reality". Street Art,  New York, USA
1982 " 549 points" Street Art, E10 st. New York, USA
2008 "Give if you can. Take if you have to" stone sculpture, Palolem Island, India


1974 - 1990 Publisher: "Anonymous Artists" monthly

2000 - 2024 tylicki.com
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